Soe Pyae Pyae San Stake Her Future Career Life On Her MTV

Soe Pyae Pyae San got attention from audiences because of her photos with daring pose from Facebook. Zune Thinzar and Zar Zar Htet always support her with their performances during her singing live shows. They also acted with her together even in the MTVs of her solo album ‘Only One’. She likes transparency mainly. She wants her country to develop more than now and open-minded. She believes her creation was compatible with Myanmar culture so that society will accept what she created. In that case, some people would accept but some would not. But she would never do deviation of creation and she just delivers the best performance to audiences.

Photo By- Tharr Zaw

Every words are meant to be learnt for her and she agrees every aspect whether good or bad. She also accept any one appreciate her or not. They are talking about her because they interest and like her. An artist would success only if audiences are interested so that she never blames on them and she pleases about what they say. That is indicating she achieves success in certain scope anyway. Everybody are living according modern time line and inventing fashions. She wants her audiences to see according current time line and not going backward.
Soe Pyae Pyae San does not interest to clear rumor about her. She stepped into entertainment industry as a model girl since ten years ago and she realizes there is positive or negative impact when success. Most important thing for her is the way she will continue to walk and the best creation to present. She never explains about rumor because explanation about rumor makes more complicated. She came from poor family background however she was never upset about that. She could produce her solo album ‘Only One’ with her saving money from artist fees.

Soe Pyae Pyae San crazy about artist on her every breath and she is living for doing art works. She determined to reach a certain position in entertainment industry. She was aimed to release the MTVs of her solo album on May 2015 and she will make decision whether to continue or discontinue her career in entertainment industry depend on the result of success from her MTVs. This time is lucky dip for her within ten years long of her career life.

Since she became a model girl, audiences noticed her because of her daring pose photos with presenting her body structure. She worked on sports since she joined to that industry. She was trained hardly so that she wanted to present the beauty of her body. But she never make photo shoot with swimming suit bikini. She aimed to act in photo shoot to present the modern beauty on a girl body and see her photos with artist mind.

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