Shwe Myint Mo – Acting Is Extremely Important In Her Life

Just how important is acting in her life? Shwe Myint Mo opens up that it is indeed extremely important for her. Her real happiness in life is satisfaction she gets from her art. For example, she is currently shooting covers. Getting the opportunity to shoot covers is also an example of how little by little, she is progressing. For her, art is her whole life. This is why she has shifted to Yangon and attempting to be a successful person in the industry. She wouldn’t be in Yangon if she didn’t want to act. She hopes that one day, the movie industry of this country will be as developed like Hollywood and Bollywood. Since art is a very important aspect of a country, she wants Myanmar to open up more acting schools like in other countries. She concludes she herself is still trying to perfect herself.

What are her feelings regarding the fact that she is able to do the work she is interested in? She reveals that before modeling, she was helping her parents with their business. She also opened a beauty salon with friends. But after going into modeling, she felt a lot of pressure, stress, and exhaustion. In the beginning of her modeling career, she even had to ask pocket money from her parents in Pago because her earnings were not enough. She faced many difficulties as a model. Her uncles had never wanted her to go into this profession for fear of all these difficulties she would have to face. But she continued with the resolve that she could overcome it.

And she really did overcome. She had already faced even the days when she absolutely no money left in her hands. But she still considers herself lucky. Because being able to do the work she loves is a form of luck for her. Shwe Myint Mo says no matter what, she is a lot luckier than most other people. There are a lot of people who never had an opportunity to do what they love. For that, she feels very satisfied that she is among the few that have the opportunity to work on their passion.

What level of success does she plan to achieve in her art? She answers that however much opportunity she is given according to situation, she will work hard on it. As an actress, she aspires to become one of the country’s legendary actresses like Soe Myat Thu Zar and Eaindra Kyaw Zin. She also greatly respects actresses like Tun Eaindra Bo and Khine Thin Kyi. She promises to work hard to be like them.

What special words does she want to say to her supportive fans? Shwe Myint Mo sends them well wishes for their health and happiness. She also sends a prayer that the year 2017 will be a great year for them and that they can achieve everything they want. She prays for both their physical and mental well-being. She feels her audiences have now become more accustomed to change. As parting words, she thanks her fans one last time and humbly requests that they keep on supporting her.



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