Phyo Ngwe Soe Is Very Proud To Be A Father

Once an actor, after weathering through the passages of time, a traveler and currently established as a business is none other than Academy award winner Lwin Moe. Memorably, it was Lwin Moe who brought to Yangon a slang word from his province and started the usage of this expression here; “Wae pyit lite lay” (Just throw it out). To mention the occasion exactly, it was in a medicine commercial he starred in with Model Ganda Win. Now there are many people who have turned their backs on the movie business just like Lwin Moe. But those people, in their own way, have continued to be involved in the activities of the Entertainment Industry. Take the former actress Nandar Hlaing, for example. She now has set up her own production house. People who don’t know too much about Lwin Moe may assume that Lwin Moe has cut off all ties with the field of Art. But the reality is that even nowadays, Lwin Moe holds an important position as an advisor for the ongoing activities in the Art Industry.

Someone who is always seeking advice and guidance from him is actor Phyo Ngwe Soe. He has always been a great admirer of Lwin Moe. And recently he breathed new life into two of Lwin Moe’s old movies by starring in their remakes. He muses that out of those two movies that have been remade, one has already gotten released. But he also thinks that remaking too many old films may not be such a good idea. He does not want it to look like he is riding on the coattails of somebody else’s accomplished work and success. But if he cannot resist the urge to star in another remake, he will probably do it again. And whenever he meets Lwin Moe, the two always tend to discuss about work. Lwin Moe is always ready to offer helpful advice. Phyo Ngwe Soe feels a deep understanding and connection with him, and therefore immediately grasps whatever Lwin Moe wishes to tell him. He also feels that whatever Lwin Moe teaches him is always something for his own good. Equipped with Lwin Moe’s ideas, Phyo Ngwe Soe has currently managed to be on the path of success in the Entertainment world.

Recently, he has been blessed with a first-born son and feels a sense of fulfillment in life that he has never had before. He also has a desire to see his son grow up to be an Artist who is well-loved by the nation, just like himself.

Currently, his baby son is just 45 days old. But the proud father gushes that he acts just like a grown-up. For instance, the baby does not like it if anyone sometimes scolds him; he would furrow his brown into a frown and stare back defiantly so that ironically, the adults have to be scared of him even. For the boy’s name, Phyo Ngwe Soe’s father is still thinking about one. On the 100th day birthday, they would set up their mind on a name and have a proper naming ceremony.

How has the birth of his son affected his work? Nowadays, he does not want to do sloppy work where the mindset is ‘to just finish the task’. Nor does he want to think like, “Just do your job and get out”. Most importantly for him, he does not want anybody criticizing that the father of this baby is doing idiotic movies. So, he would rather maintain his reputation by reducing the quantity of his work but keeping up the quality.

He is currently very happy with his family life. He only wants his son to be an actor, but admits he does not know what the boy himself will later want to be. But he just wants him to be very much loved by the audience. This is his strong desire for his son’s future.

He also talks about the movie he is currently acting in. It is a comedy named “Take to the fullest”. It co-stars Yu Thandar Tin and is being directed by U Thein Han. Regarding comedies, he has a tendency to avoid the kind that needs “over expression”, preferring instead the straight-faced acting that makes others laugh. He also observes that these days, he has been making a lot of comedies, which is both a good and bad thing. If anything is done in excess, it makes one fed-up with it. And it has also become difficult to find a good plotline, and some movies may start to appear repetitive and similar to one another. He has started to notice this repetition in his movies. These are the little things he needs to be careful about. Being so used to acting in comedies, he sometimes finds himself portraying comedic scenes even while doing movies of other genres. Once, while working with Ko Nyo Min, he had to been repeatedly reminded from the background during filming that this was not a comedy. In such cases, there is no need for “over action” like in comedic acting. Sometimes, he gets frustrated about working with people who give perfunctory performances with the purpose of just finishing the job quickly. It makes him feel apologetic to the audience who would later view the film. It puts him in such a bad mood that he has decided to avoid working with some certain people in the future. It does not matter if he loses work. He feels it is better not to do something at all rather than give a half-baked performance.

He has been thinking of making just one film in a month. He has one thing that he always tells his co-stars. When he gets in front of a camera, he is never acting. He takes a natural approach to acting, giving realistic expression based on the situations of the movie. This is why he also advises up and coming actors to try to be as natural and realistic in their acting as possible. If you act in a natural manner, only then, a movie will look realistic.