Most Beautiful Actress Of Past Decades Moh Moh Myint Aung With Actress Wutt Hmoe Shwe Yi

Passing decade after decade successfully, she managed to keep a firm grip on her faithful audience during her journey of passing through the Art Industry. Along her long journey, she has mesmerized fans with portrayals of various characters. Now she says she wants to be known as a person who has paved her way into the industry. While they are trying to break into the industry, there are those who choose to do it because of close contact with the acting environment, or because they have money to buy their way into the acting waters. However there are also those who have plunged both feet in because of no other reason than their love of acting. There have been those forerunners who have set the path for future generations. And there have been future generations who have followed their footsteps. Also, there have been those who lost their way while struggling along the path of the industry. This is why Moh Moh Myint Aung wants to open up about the fact that in order to survive and retain their footing in the world of Art, one has to continuously keep giving birth to Art.

She also talks about factors that have cooled down the marketability of movies. There have been some complaints that the processes of filming and producing movies have a lot of costs. As for if she demands more pay than others, she maintains that she has remained the same as before. Whether intended for the district or city audience, the fact that there is an accepting audience means there is a market.

For the producers, their main concern about movie making is that it is not at all an easy task to earn back all the costs of filming a movie. Especially with the problem of pirated copies, one can understand and sympathize with their difficult position. So it is not as if actors keep asking for more pay for their work based on the demands of this era. And just asking doesn’t always guarantee the agreement to pay from the movie executives. For the people who work in the industry with the main concern for art only, they place their whole concentration into their work. And there are those who keep continually doing the same kind of work just for the sake of working. Some are surviving on because there are still some characters for them to play. Moh Moh Myint Aung insists that there are still those who are in this line of work because it is their hobby. For instance, showing her movies on the public channels is one of the factors that affect the marketability of the movies. However, these channels also enable her not to lose connection with her audience. So she is unsure whether she should thank them for this. But one thing is certain: most artists no longer have the rights to their works as before. Artists no longer have the schedules lined up with movies to shoot for at least eight months up to one year like before. There was no longer any high demand from production houses that all used to want them. Now, the offer may come as one movie once in a while. The market has been ruined due to piracy, so for the producers, it has been very hard to earn back the losses of filming a movie.

Still, there have been those who keep on being active in Art and try to keep surviving on this line of work alone. Moh Moh Myint Aung laments that while before, she still used to get the lead roles, even those have started to decline due to the ruined marketplace. However, being an actress, she understands that she cannot blame these situations. Now with the marketplace affected by piracy, she advises that artists should only ask for moderate pay appropriate to these times. Before demanding huge amounts for their work, they should try being in the shoes of producers.

But no matter how ruined the market for movies has become, she states strongly that from the artists’ side, there must be no shortage of attempt to give their best performances. She asserts that the market may be ruined, but the performers’ Art must not be ruined as well. They must keep on giving to the best of their abilities. She warns against the attitude of “because the market is bad, I will also just give a half-hearted performance”. If the decline in artistic expression were to be coupled with piracy, it will not be easy for any work of actors to reach the hands of the audience. For herself, she keeps on working with the resolve that she will keep on striving for her artistic endeavors.

While money is not the main issue for her, she does accept that for survival and to get around, one does have a degree of need for it. While people try to keep their footing in the industry in whatever means that they can, some have tried to break off from the normal with some non-standard tactics. And there are some who genuinely tries their best to maintain themselves in this world.

So, she sees herself as someone who paved the walking path for others in the Art world. While others may be content with following an already existing path, she is determined to be one who paved the way. Among those who pave the path, those who follow a path, and those who get lost in the path, it is important to know what your position is. If you do not have the artistic ability to guarantee a living in this line of work, it will be very difficult to survive among the movie-viewing audience.

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