Moe Yu San Did Not Hold The Hand Of Kaung Pyae During Walking In Chinatown

Moe Yu San got more attention from her fans about her relationship at online because of the news is spreading out regarding she was holding the hand of actor Kaung Pyae and walking around in china town. She said she even does not know exactly and does not clear about that rumor. The rumors could reach to people easily through Facebook whether correct or not. So that she has nothing to say about that rumor. There is no rumor spreading out about her relationship before and that one would make her fans surprised. But she admitted that they were having snacks together. They also want to go out like other teenagers freely if even they are celebrities. It was just friendship relationship and go out like ordinary people. She even does not remember whether she held his hand or not. She would like to answer as what he did.

Moe Yu San still does not certain about true love. Her parents are not giving her freedom about that because she is a girl and celebrity. She decided to accept as her soul mate who is from entertainment industry or others. She was lonely without companions since she was young and when she has one, her desires more. She does not sure about other party but she thinks that love can burn for her.

Moe Yu San watches Korean movie series and Indian movies mostly because both of them are very good. Indian movies are good scripts. Acting style is close to Myanmar and very active. Currently she is watching Korean movie series continuously and she is willing to act like Korean characters. Her favorite acting is like as tough character from Korean movie series. She is trying to do acting her best and she did annually. She always works honestly. She is still learning acting skill from her seniors.

Although Moe Yu San is an actress, she also can perform Myanmar traditional dance very well and she is performing Ah Nyeint with Rose group. However she is not accepting to perform in other Ah Nyeint shows because she is not professional dancer. She loves to perform Ah Nyeint and audiences consider her as an actress who can perform Ah Nyeint. She is receiving offers to perform in Ah Nyeint but she rarely accepts them. She apologies for that and she has not confident to perform in other Ah Nyeint show. She is still not acclimatization in performing as Ah Nyeint actress and sometimes she is so exhausted to do. She also does not understand completely about rule and regulation of Ah Nyeint actress. There is some hardship such as she does not know how to say comedy texts during show. So that she apologies for rejecting the offers to perform Ah Nyeint actress.