Miss Universe Myanmar The Year Of 2017 Zun Than Zin

Zune Thanzin was awarded Miss Universe Myanmar 2017 winner, Miss Famous and Miss Healthy Skin prizes. She will donate the half of the prize to all necessary places after she investigate carefully. She was in Miss Universe 2014 and this year is second time for her.

Zune Thanzin gains supporting from audiences since 2014 event and she thanks to audiences who support her since 2014 regarding Miss Famous award. She wants to arrange to meet intimately with the audiences such as playing game with them, talking warmly with them. The audiences from Facebook want to meet her at outside so that she is considering for meeting.

Moreover, she will investigate the places where is really need donation then she will donate half of her prizes. She still does not know exact place yet. She will process further after discussing with her organization. When she goes for donation, she will invite her fans as paying back the gratitude of fans. Zune Thanzin has plans to stand just a model and after academy awarding ceremony, she will do catwalk shows. She still does not think to change her career to actress.

Currently she is participating in charity events. She is happy and pleased to do donation in charity events since she was young. She will cast in MTVs and trying to be a professional model. She is a member of We Are One Myanmar charity organization and she is acting in magazine and journal photos shootings.



Label: Miss Myanmar, Zune Than Sin

Credit – www.myanmarcuties.com