Liu Yifei 劉亦菲

Also known by her English name “Crystal Liu“, this talented woman is a professional singer, model and actress. When Liu was only 11 years old, she and her mother transferred to New York, so she could attend the Louis Pasteur Middle School. In 2002, she came back to china to pursue a career in acting. Eventually, she adopted her screen name Liu Yifei, and became popular by that name. While she was in show business, she earned an acceptance to the Performance Institute at the reputable Beijing Film Academy. After she earned her degree in acting, she received numerous offers in several television series in China, which propelled her success and fame as an actress.


Birth Name: An Feng (安風, or 安风)
Legal Name: Liu Ximeizi (劉茜美子 or 刘茜美子)
English Name: Crystal
Acting Name: Liu Yifei (劉亦菲 or 刘亦菲)
Japanese Music Stage Name: yifei
Birthday: August 25, 1987
Birthplace: Beijing
Blood Type: B
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 48 kg


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