Kratae filling her bra

Busty Thai model actress Kratae sure knows how to fill a bra. That takes talent, and I think in her case it is talent of the natural kind. No rumors have ever surfaced that those breasts are the result of silicone or saline implants. That doesn’t make it certain, since the breast augmentation done in Bangkok gives very natural looking results. But usually it comes out eventually if a well known actress and model has had cosmetic surgery.
Showing off her purple bra, busty Thai Kratae pleases the camera. Yes, she’s a camera pleaser and a crowd pleaser. Her fans asking all the time, if only she would show a little more. Well, that day may be here now. There is a new publication out, a magazine of just Kratae. And from the looks of the cover shots she shows a lot more than ever before. We will have to get a look inside soon.
More photographs of busty Thai model Kratae with her bra showing. This time it is red bra, and it’s not just peeking out. It is completely exposed. She must have her bras custom made because she is much larger than the average girl in Thailand. Or at least they are imported. Maybe she buys Triumph lingerie. After all, she was one of the celebrities at the big Triumph lingerie party that was held in Bangkok. And since Triumph is a European lingerie line it certainly has sizes for the larger ladies. Of course when I say larger ladies I don’t me larger as in fat and overweight. This is, afterall, Thailand, the land of slender women. Larger in this case just means a larger bust than the average woman.
Now a change of wardrobe. No more bra exposure but instead an open top dress for Kratae. You never see that much cleavage in public in Thailand. Only in the pages of the fashion magazines. At least as far as Thai ladies is concerned. Sure the western women who visit Thailand on holiday dress like that in public, which leads to a not-so-flattering opinion of them. But that’s another topic that gets western ladies all upset so I’ll skip it for now.
Oops, back to more full figure bra pictures. That’s a nice fitting bra, too. And so well filled out. You know, it is just so hard to find a bra that fits properly.
Since I update the photo pages in batches I usually work on adding all the photos from a particular photo shoot in a particular magazine. But I get a little board while I’m doing it so I jump ahead for a preview of the next set. That’s what this one is here. It’s Karate from a photo shoot for Maxim magazine Thai edition. Pretty sexy looking as she lounges on the bed in a slinky outfit that shows lots of cleavage. I’m looking forward to doing my job and bringing you that set of pictures next.
A different look for Kratae. Instead of the large size bra always showing, or the swim suit straining to hold in her full figure, it’s a cute little top and skirt. Actually I really like that outfit. Would look good in my nicely organized closet. Now what kind of cute shoes would go with that?
Here is another shot of Kratae on the movie set of Chai Lai Angels in a towel. I have a bunch of these shots. The people watching the filming of the movie must have had a great time watching the crew adjust her wardrobe, such as it was, and watching her act her part while trying to keep that towel from falling off. I think there must have been plenty of bouncing about.
That busty Thai girl Kratae is on the cover of the latest Leo beer calendar. That’s her in the center of the cover shot. Known for her very large chest, she poses with three other Thai models, all topless, but of course properly covered. Leo is trying to be as daring as possible without going over the line and getting censured. So their calendar photos are pretty sexy but not really that revealing.