Kratae car wash show

These car wash shows are becoming popular. Now they are getting some well known actresses to do them. Like Kratae. She makes appearances around Bangkok for other sexy fun events like the Triumph Lingerie party along with some other hotties like Panward Hemmanee and my favorite hottie Taengmo. Kratae is a natural for anything that has to do with wet clothing. With that busty figure of hers the promise of a clinging wet t-shirt will bring in the crowds.
Time to call in the big guns for another car wash show. In this case the big guns are those of Kratae (I can’t believe I’m saying this, such a weird slang). It’s another show at a big Bangkok club where a car gets washed by scantily clad young ladies, or in this case one young lady, they very popular and busty Kratae. Stuff her into a tight t-shirt and shorts and turn her loose with a hose then see what happens.
So now we see what we are hoping for in a car wash show, Kratae in wet t-shirt. It is certainly tight and clingy. But of course this is Thailand so she is wearing a bikini top underneath that shirt. So we won’t get to see all that much but we can watch every move during her performance and admire her curves. I know I admire her curves, envy them even.
Kratae’s technique for the car wash is the same as mine. I have a mini truck, too. To get the top and bed clean I have to get up in the bed of the truck and spray it with the hose. Of course, since I’m not putting on a show when I do it I wear something a lot less revealing. And I try to avoid getting all wet, the opposite of what Kratae is doing where the wetter the better.
That’s a good spot for Kratae up there in the truck bed. It becomes her stage so that the audience can all see her. I like trucks. They are so useful. I can put all kinds of stuff back there in the bed and haul it all around. Dirty stuff like plants and stinky stuff like fertilizer – gotta take care of my little farm. We don’t have drivein theaters in Thailand but I saw them in America and a lot of people would park their truck backwards with patio chairs in the back with a cooler and watch the movie that way. Trucks are really useful.
A front view of Kratae up on the truck washing it. Gotta watch every move and hope for some revealing angles while shooting lots of pictures.
It’s not all hard work for Kratae washing that truck. She’s having a good time and smiling for the crowd. There must be hundreds of photos floating around taken on camera cell phones, grainy little underexposed pictures. I wonder if there are any other high quality sets taken by somebody with a real digital camera or SLR at that show.
Having a bit more fun it looks like. Kratae has turned the hose on the audience and looks to be spraying everybody.
It looks like the alert photographer was rewarded at least somewhat as Kratae steps down from the back of the truck and affords an interesting angle with a little more cleavage on display than during the rest of the car wash show.