Khin Lay Nwe Is Not Willing To Be A Single

Lisu native Khin Lay Nwe is not acting in movies anymore because of her age and establishing own business. Currently she is doing singing tour around the country and recording songs for her solo music album.

Khin Lay Nwe is still a single and she said that most of her colleagues were married. She teased them that not marry that quickly otherwise she has been asked when would she marry. She is expecting to meet right person to marry in someday. It will happen without achieving. She does not want to be single forever but it depends on fortune. She will marry when she meets right person and she does not have many terms for selecting her soul mate. He just should be the one who can lead the family.

Khin Lay Nwe officially announced that she halted her acting activities just because she wanted to take a break. She stood as an actress more than ten years long in movie industry. Later she steps into the music industry and she informed the medias that she will release her solo music album. However she halted acting works since early 2014. She does not have any activities at all in movie industry and music industry. She started her career in the entertainment industry since 2004 and she acted in some video and film movies.

Some medias say that she just halted acting but not singing. She is more working on singing and she did answer differences between acting singing. She said both acting and singing are difficult. Acting is daily work and singing is depended on offer. She faced some difficulties when she did recording because she did not learn some skill of singing before. Singing also need own style and voice like as acting. But she still does not have own tune music to present to audiences. Singing a song like as acting in a movie for her. She feels on the lyric when she is singing. Live show is more difficult for her and she cannot sing exactly same as original singer of the song.

Khin Lay Nwe is trying to release her solo music album and she is working on all necessary processes for her music album. She also has plans for her own business and when she knows exact plan, she will let her fans know about it.