Hein Wai Yan Has No Terms For Selecting His Soul Mate

Photo- LMN Photography

Hein Wai Yan is mostly acting in comedy movies and he is stronger acting in comedy fancy romantic type of movies. He said local actors are able to compete the acting skills although technical is still weak compare to international role. Currently movie making scenes are repeatedly. For an example, most of the movie scenes in Yangon are repeatedly because of lack of moving shooting houses. They are trying not to repeat the scenes in the future. Local movie productions have huge gap in movie making technique compare to Hollywood or Bollywood studios.

In his opinion, acting skill of local actors can compete any international actors. It is different the technical skill only because they are developed countries. Moreover production cost, producers, techniques and production time are also the concerned issues. However he thinks current local movie production industry are more improved than before. As a young boy, Hein Wai Yan likes act as romantic or fancy characters. He will act his best whatever the characters.

Hein Wai Yan caught the attention of young girls with his sweet sight and he is still taking place in their heart. He is planning to act in two or three film movies in 2015. One of those film movies’ shooting will begin on April and actress is Shwe Hmone Yati, movie director is Ko Pyay Hein Thihan. He also agreed to act in two film movies with director Wyne. Wyne is used to take longer time for preparation for film movie so that he would act in only one film movie with Wyne within this year. He had another agreement with another director for film movie but he will confirm again when he knows the story. He prefers to act in film movies rather than video movies. He would try to act in more movies according audiences’ wish.

He will go to Bangkok in 2015 for doing medical check up and shopping. He is thinking to turn in music industry and collecting the songs. As the result of trying hard, he becomes a famous actor within seven years with supporting from fans.

His fans are interested in his relationship status and he said it is not he does not have love. His marriage is still far away and he still does not have any plan for marriage. Understanding is main issue between in couple. He will select his soul mate as he wishes. He has no terms for selecting his soul mate however she should be loyalty, good behavior and really love him. Agreement from his family is also an issue for his consideration. Love is the most important role in his life and he want to pass through the valentine days as usual. Life without love is bored. He needs not only love from girlfriend but also family love.

His fans used to give him presents and he also give back the presents often. He feels happy for the celebrity couples who are celebrating the wedding within this year.