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Nang Khae Mar Commercial Photo For SNAIL WHITE

Only a few number of model girls can stand in model industry according the demand of local market, Shan native Nang Khae Mar is one of them. She concentrated on working as model since she gained Miss Christmas award in 2006.

Nang Khae Mar Photo Shooting For ESTEE LAUDER

Photo- Ko Aung Flash Memo

Modeling job is her life and she also loves that job so that you got a place in model industry. She worked hard couples of years in order to be a successful model girl. Currently she has no plan to work as actress however she acted in one video movie named ‘One Step Beyond Of Angel’ still not coming out yet. She acted in that movie with actor Kyaw Kyaw Bo. What her understanding during acting was the acting work make her more tired than modeling because acting is not her avid interest. But she accepts requests to act in MTVs from her friends.

Not many model girls are standing only as a model girl but Nang Khae Mar is standing only as a model girl. Model industry is wider in foreign countries but actresses are favored in local market. She desires local market caps model market and acting market separately. She does not want to be an actress and she will continue trying hard to get a place in modeling industry. She has her own responsibility to success her job and she will continue her career life as long as getting supports from her fans.

Nang Khae Mar concern her roll and reviews every job offers carefully including what dress she should wear. She has seen the hot photos and she has no comments about that. She just selects the photo shot is acceptable by community. She also studies difference between foreign and local hot photos. She studies about foreign model girl and their profile. International model girls act in photo shooting with swimming suit and they look beautiful. They want to promote their body beauty and give priority on art works. Some local model girls are wearing swimming suit without knowing their weakness and it is seem rude. She never thinks that photo shooting with daring pose will make success and it just depends on own manner. Case you will have to begin with daring pose in photo shooting, she recommends to make sure knowing how to attract audiences.

Relationship status of Nang Khae Mar is calmly and it is four years long now. Her boyfriend is not from entertainment industry and he is a businessman. She is not ready for marriage and when she is ready for that, she will let her fans know. Recently she has to continue doing photo shootings for commercial and catwalk shows.

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