Golden ASIAN Theme Of The Chic Magazine Cover

Local fans criticise this fashion design is so much similar to Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 fashion.

Aye Myat Thu

For Aye Myat Thu, the year 2015 is filled with trips abroad and professional artistic activities. Regarding the aspect of love in her life though, she muses that she desires to be married by the age of thirty, but currently she is already 29 and still has not met her soul mate. Therefore, she is waiting with bated breath and an anxiously beating heart to see the fate of her future marriage. In the past, she used to be attracted to good looks in men. But after she had matured a bit in years, she decided that having a handsome appearance was not that important. Then, she felt that a person with a good career was much better. But now, she has changed her thinking again. Now, she wants a man who gives her full understanding and is ready to enter the battle of life hand in hand with her. At this point, at the age of 29, she realizes that she no
longer has the courage to speak of love with any potential suitors.
In fact, she feels that for a woman of 29 or 30, her life has become a more important aspect than love. This is no longer the age where a woman should be happily contented with roses and big toys presented by admirers. Those times should be well past by the age. She still hasn’t given up hope of getting married by 30. But now people have started to ask her questions such as if she has found the one yet, and the answer is still no. She wants to be married at 30 and have a baby by 31. For a woman, this time period is the best in her life for such matters. Both biologically and psychologically, she will be prepared for the task of bringing up a child. But she can’t yet tell if her dream will come true or not.

Nansu Yati Soe

Everybody is dying to know about the continuation in the saga of Nan Su Yati Soe after she eloped. What happened after the elopement was that her mother even went to report her daughter’s disappearance to the police chief. This made Nan Su Yati Soe worry about the reputation of her lover getting tarnished, so she registered their marriage at the police station immediately. The name of the boy is known to be Zeyar Win Hlaing. While he is not a police officer himself, his father is a captain of the army, according to the local media. Regarding this matter, Nan Su herself told the many local journalists that had come to question her that it was just a case of her getting angry with her mother and leaving home to stay at her Aunt’s house. But reporters insist that the real situation was that she eloped with a boy. On the topic of this news, journals carefully launched an investigation and reported their findings, but due to Nan Su’s mother being friendly with the chief police, they were not allowed to write about it. Even though there is really nothing to disagree about her daughter’s affair with the son of a Captain, her mother simply didn’t want her daughter to marry yet due to her young age.

Nwe Darli Htun

Nwe Darli Tun has tried to establish her place in the photo modeling industry for two years. And now, film offers have started to come her way, so she is finally getting the result of her hard work and a chance to make a place for herself.

Currently, she is acting in music videos. And the last commercial she shot was a Sunsilk shampoo advertisement. For the MTVs, she has acted in the videos of Thein Lin Soe and a friend of Nan Thuzar’s. For the movie offers that she is getting, she is reading the scripts first and also discussing with her family. The prestigious offers include even calls from Satori Productions. There have been offers of roles in TV series too. New production houses are also interested in getting her. Regarding acting in films, she has just started to learn the craft by watching the works of other professional actors. She has also been watching foreign movies, as well as Myanmar ones.

Now that she is getting the opportunity to enter the acting world, she feels that she will grasp this chance and try her best for the audience. She is reading the scripts for movies by herself. Since nobody in her family works in this field, she usually makes her own decision first and later discusses with them about it. Now she is thinking of accepting film roles because for one thing, they are being offered to her first, as opposed to her having to ask for them. Also, as a newcomer into the acting industry, she had started out with acting in commercials to test the waters. After finding acting work to be quite smooth for her, she finally decided to make the cross-over from modeling to acting.

Gonyi Aye Kyaw

Gonyi Aye Kyaw represented Myanmar in Miss International 2013, which was held in Japan. Although she did not win any awards there, she did get the People’s Choice Award given by Missosology. For those who do not know what Missosology is, it is an online voting organization that focuses on beauty contestants that also hands out awards. This organization is not a part of Miss International though. Back in Miss International 2012, Nan Khin Zeyar, who then represented Myanmar, received the audience choice award as well as a few other prizes. Now in 2013, since the new representative, Gonyi Aye Kyaw, did not win anything, she even made a decision to write an apology on her personal Facebook page.

Photography – Love Space
Dress – Designer Ma Pont (My Favourite)
Make Up – Htet (Pop Soul)
Fashion Editor – Phyo Thiha