Christina Is Very Happy With Her Love

Among the people who are working extremely hard to keep their status in the entertainment industry, one could definitely count in Christina. One thing that can be noted about her is that no matter what time or how many times you ask her, her theories and philosophies on Art never change. For instance, whenever she gets offers from movies, for any role, she only chooses it after careful analysis of the character. Whether she would get more or less screen time is not a concern for her. She never even considers the screen time, but chooses a role depending on how much skill it would take to portray and if the movie has a good plot. One result of considering so many aspects before accepting a role, though, is that she ends up making very few films. Normally, she is more likely to appear in commercials, VCDs, Posters, and billboards.

Christina Commercial Photo For Perfume Oils

For Christina, whenever she is about to take on an acting job or make a choice, she only chooses something that she thinks she can do, as well as what she thinks is suitable for her. For herself, her opinion is the most important. Because she believes she knows best what is suitable for herself. In the field of Art, she feels she will only have the right mood to work if she chooses something that is suited for her. Whenever she meets her fans, she always tells them that she is very ambitious in her work field. She thinks it is because she loves Art so much that it has turned into fierce ambition. And sometimes she finds herself feeling amazed when she thinks about her own life situation. This is a feeling she experiences whenever she meets some hardships in her career. However, this feeling never lasts for too long, disappearing after some deep thinking. Upon self-reflection, she comes to the conclusion that she is not the only artist to experience struggles. In any environment, there will be difficulties to overcome. So she no longer feels worried or scared about anything. After all, with the gradual passing of time, it has already been quite a while that she has been working in the Art Industry. But no matter how long she has worked, or how many problems she comes across, her love of Art has never wavered. The philosophies she embraces regarding Art have also remained the same. Even though some things may have changed, she maintains that her love of Art and her viewpoints on Art will never change. And one thing she knows for sure is that due to her unchanging nature, she will always continue to be extremely ambitious in the entertainment industry.

Having been in the business for more than ten years, her audience has always been her first love and for a long time, she had left aside her love life. But now she reveals that she has met her soul mate.

When pressed about the topics of her current work assignments and her love life, her first response is about the film she is currently shooting. It happens to be based on true events. The movie focuses on a crime. The leading man is newcomer Maw Koon, and the director is U Shaing. Meanwhile, she portrays a woman who owns a gold jewelry shop, whose parents are murdered.

She is also involved with music. A while ago, she performed a show in Bangkok. Apart from that, she gives performances now and then locally, all over the districts. For her, these musical performances are a way of keeping in contact with the audience. She actually has no plans to release an album of her own for now. In her performance shows, she usually just sings the songs that she herself likes. In the Bangkok show, she had a lot of her fans that came to support her. In fact, even she had not expected that so many people would show up like this to cheer her.

In the line of movies, she maintains that the storyline is the most important factor for her when she chooses roles. Another thing she has observed is that since she has been in the industry for quite a long time, she now finds herself sometimes paired up with newcomers as her co-stars. No matter what, if the plot is interesting, she does not even mind playing villainous roles either. She would not refuse if she likes the story.

On the topic of her love life, she simply acquiesces that she does have a boyfriend. He is from outside the industry. She has been with him for quite some time now. However, if anyone asks her when the big event will be, she answers that for now her work is still her biggest priority. Therefore, currently, she has no plans to get married. But if one day she decides to marry, she promises that her fans will be the first to hear the announcement from her. She asserts that the reason for choosing this guy is none other than love and affection. As she would never go out with someone younger than her, he is of course older than her. He is working in an outside business unrelated to the entertainment industry. At present time, she maintains that she is very happy with her love. In other matters of life also, she likes to keep a happy and positive outlook.