Chaw Kalayar- Rumor About Relationship With German Singer Miki Is False

Chaw Kalayar wanted to be an actress since she was young. She used to practice acting in front of mirror and even her father though she is crazy. Now she learns from teaching of seniors. As an artist, she need to cast to match with character. Many audiences know that she is not in relationship with German singer Miki. She just casted in MTV of Miki as an arteries work. Actually she did not know what type of MTV shooting and she was informed on the field.
But she casted in MTV because she accepted already. It was new for her to work together with foreign singer and director. She did not expect that much criticism and she knows that there might be not same opinion from people. Female fans of Miki also jealous with her and Miki already gave explanation. Chaw Kalayar and Miki are just normal arteries colleagues. Every colleague knows about attitude of Miki and he is good person. She wants to request the female fan of Miki not jealous with her and also fans of her keep loving her. She has boyfriend actually and she does not want to reveal at this time. They are working on their own job and building understanding each other.
Chaw Kalayar experienced hardships and criticism in arteries world. She always keep in her mind that she will be criticized somehow as long as she is in arteries field. She needs to work with mind and if her mind is not clear, it is not comfortable to work. It was not convenience working arteries jobs from rural so that she moved to Yangon in order to continue working arteries jobs. Her family also supports her hobby. Although she faced many hardships, she could passed them easily due to her family is always on her side.
Her fans are misunderstanding her due to her sexy pose photos and she felt sorry about it. She does not want to perform what her fans do not like. But as an artist, she needs to follow the instruction of director. It is really difficult to stay between those two situations. She used to reply the question from female fans who want to be like her body structure.



Label: Chaw Kalayar, Miss Myanmar

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