Baby Mg Abandons To Act As Daring Pose In Photo Shooting

Photo- Tharr Zaw

Baby Mg caught the attention of audience with daring pose and she is acting in more movies now. She made her mind to do her best to occupy a place in movie production industry. She will never act in friend sense in movie as an exception.

Baby Mg used to act daring pose in photo shooting before but she is not doing it again. At that time, she was offered to act in photo shooting in one of the famous website from local. She was acted in foreign before and it was not naked photos. Although she just presented her beauty of body in the photo, she was upset because of many criticisms. She has no idea how the people will criticize when she will act daring character in the movie. She frankly said that she is not acting daring pose anymore for photo shooting.

Baby Mg is acting as leading actress with Kyaw Ye Aung, Min Oo and Soe Myat Thuzar in “Ah Kyan Tu Yan Thu” video movie directed by Ko Pouk. She has no contract with video productions company however she will act as leading actress freely with different actors. She attended Star & Model International Training science 2009 and she becomes famous model girl because of her hot photos. As a famous model, she is planning to step into movie production industry.

Her Hobby is working artist jobs and she loves to be a model girl so that she is trying to success. Her aim is to be a famous actress with supporting from audiences. Baby Mg stepped into entertainment industry via photo model and attracted the audiences with daring poses. Now she is acting as co-leading and leading actress in video movies. She acted as leading actress in five video movies and other roles in twenty movies.

As a Buddhist, she never did any activities related Buddhism before. She faced many hardships and she realized it was comeuppance. So that she is planning to be a nun to make more merits. To be a nun is greatest donation for her and she is also willing to participate in charity works with U Kyaw Thu.

Baby Mg is still thinking to have a lover because love is both good and bad.