Awn Seng Loves Her Life As A Model

Designer- Ma Pont (My Favorite)

In the world of Myanmar’s models, Awn Seng is someone who has been able to stand the test of time. Audiences love and support her for her outstanding talent as a model as well as her figure and complexion. Before, she had never crossed over to acting, but insistently focused her attention on her modeling work only. But now it has been known that she will be appearing in a movie called “Yangon Run Way”, which is a Myanmar-Japan collaboration.

Now, she talks about what led her into accepting this particular role. Apparently her interest was sparked when George Ma Yan came to ask her and told her that the character meant for her would be a model also. Another factor was that she would have to work together on set with artists from Japan. Additionally, a lady she greatly admires and lovingly calls “Amay Moe” also happens to be involved in this film. All these aspects led her into happily accepting this acting job. For her, this movie does not pose any big challenges. She doesn’t have to be fluent in the dialogue either, for she is playing a woman of Chinese ancestry in the film. There is nothing especially significant about the filming. However, it should be noted that this is not the normal, everyday kind of film. So audiences will pay special interest. And as she is playing a fashion model in the movie, a lot of emphasis is placed on the fashion aspect.

Regarding the involvement with this film, she feels that her situation can be described as lucky. However, she is aware that nothing can be decided on a matter unless it has been fully completed, so she is still waiting and seeing. This movie gives her an opportunity to work with international artists, but her character as a model does not give her any pressures. For her role, she goes to the gym regularly. And she has to place a lot of focus on her looks and beauty. However, in her real life, this is also her daily routine, so it doesn’t need a lot of preparation to portray these scenes. The whole film focuses on modeling throughout. She has only one crying scene at the end of the movie. Seeing that scenes depicting emotions are quite few, she is not very worried. But she promises to try her best with acting.

Making her living as a model, she has a few words to say about her profession. She observes that in the viewpoints of many, it may seem that the modeling job is extremely easy to do. But for her, it is a very challenging profession. She needs to carefully prepare every single aspect such as maintaining her figure, keeping a keen fashion sense, protecting her complexion, and even controlling her inner feelings. However she has self-confidence and working with models from other countries does not daunt her or make her feel small in the slightest.

She stresses that she has full belief in herself. She is always trying her best, and she asks for continued support from the audience. She also requests for prayers from them. She is not sure about whether or not she will make more films after this one; it depends on circumstance. Her main interest and focus in life is being a model. She has always said that she loves her life as a model and would never exchange the feeling of being on the catwalk with anything in the whole world. This is why she will keep on establishing herself in the modeling industry.

During this meeting with her, she is asked about her recent artistic movements and updates. Her reply is that she has been working as a model since 2008, and that she has passed through numerous experiences that are of utmost value for her. She has also received a lot of lessons throughout her journey. Regarding fashion, she muses that she continuously changes her dress style. For instance, while attending functions and events, she has to carefully consider the fashion style that would suit the occasion. Even for going out, she puts a lot of thought into what to wear and what style would complement her for the day. She concludes the interview by saying in today’s world, one can learn what one needs to know about fashion through magazines. Interested fashionistas can also take online courses.