Alice Ong Learnt About Many Life Lessons When She Was Young

Alice Ong moved to Yangon from Taunggyi with her mother after her parents divorced. She got everything what she wanted when she was teenager. She missed the moment in Taunggyi when she arrived in Yangon.

Since she is eldest daughter in siblings, she registered and met headmaster at school by herself in Yangon. Her mother struggle for them so that she did not want to give trouble to her mother. What she learnt the lesson at her 12 years old, she could do her own job by herself. She got the awareness that she cannot be like a child since she was Grade-5 student.


She remembers more about the lesson regarding idea. She wants to be the background of family since she is eldest daughter. Her mother could do many thing for them and she is really so smart. She also wanted to help her mother on the other hand. She realized that she needs to gain income to stand herself and for her family.

Her mother is cool lady and she becomes sensitive girl in order to protect her brother and sister. But she knows that every problem cannot be solved by anger. What she learnt the lesson from her mother is if even she is wrong on the person whether rich or poor, she should apology humbly. Sometime even the parents may wrong due to over worry so that parents should apology to their children at that moment. If the children do not hear sorry from their parent if even the parents are wrong, they might against. Her mother taught her does not need to shy to say sorry.



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